JvM/Limmat: Migros belongs to the little ones

These days, Migros is launching Mini-Mania. To promote the campaign, Jung von Matt/Limmat has developed a new cash register slip spot. An animation of Wirz advertising at the end of the spot goes into the highlights of the promotion.

With the collection promotion, everyone can get hold of Migros products in mini format for a Migros-Krämerlädeli. Migros classics such as cell phone detergent, iced tea, spaghetti and many more are now available in miniature. The new TV commercial shows how it feels when Migros is suddenly taken over by little ones. In front of a Migros checkout, a couple of three-cheese kids meet. The situation and the characters of the Migros children seem somehow familiar. In the second part of the spot, a car chase demonstrates how sought-after the Minis are. The spot is now running on TV and the Internet. Further promotional special tag-ons are planned.


Responsible at Migros: Oskar Sager (Head of Marketing), Marc Engelhard (Head of Marketing Communications), Roman Reichelt (Head of Umbrella Brand), Désirée Strassmann (Project Manager Umbrella Brand), Markus Amann (Senior Project Manager Theme Promotions), Corin Camenisch (Junior Project Manager Theme Promotions), Philipp Marquard (Head of Media), Nadine Delakowitz (Project Manager Media). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat:
Alexander Jaggy (Executive Creative Direction), Samuel Christ (Creative Direction), Mateo Sacchetti (Text), Daniel Serrano (Art Direction), Lukas Frischknecht (Graphics), Sarida Bossoni (Art Buying), Thomas Steiner, Marie-Hélène Thornton, Sebastian Suter (Consulting), Philipp Bühler (Public Relations), Caro Büchel, Pumpkin Film (Producer), Alex Feil (Director), Peter Matjasko (Camera), HearDis (Music), Jingle Jungle (Mix), Ultra Images (Post Production). Responsible at Wirz Advertising: Hanspeter Schweizer, Rahel Nemitz, Franziska Pennington (creation), Sina Loosli, Flurina Egli (consulting), Gordon Nemitz (strategic planning), Kompost TV (3-D production).

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