Seed: documentary film series for Swiss Re

Seed hat den Bau des neuen Swiss Re Hauptsitzes mit einer Serie kurzer Dokumentarfilme begleitet. Das Gebäude wurde vom Basler Architekturbüro Diener & Diener entworfen.

Seed is accompanying the creation with a multi-part series of short documentaries. The first two episodes have now been released, with the overall project extending through 2017. Swiss Re considers architecture and art to be important means of expressing the company, the agency said in a statement Tuesday. The goal of the film series, therefore, is to convey the company and its values through the documentation of construction activity, it said.

The films are shown approximately every six months at the Swiss Re Next project website published. They are aimed at employees and the interested public. Seed developed the overall film concept together with Christoph Schaub and Simon Koller. Simon Koller is responsible for the realization of the individual films.

About the film: Swiss Re Next Update, Episode 2


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