Facing: New Corporate Design for the Children's Hospital Zurich

Facing has developed a new visual identity for the Kinderspital Zürich. The Children's Hospital Zurich is a non-profit private institution serving all children and adolescents.

In order to be able to present itself even more uniformly and concisely in the future, Facing was commissioned in the spring to redesign the corporate design, which was approved by the Children's Hospital Foundation Board in June 2013. The new appearance takes up the image element of the previous logo, makes the university reference of the Children's Hospital prominently recognizable and at the same time clarifies the legal form as a private foundation, which is important with regard to fundraising.

Facing has also created a uniform design concept for publications, correspondence and the Internet, and selected a contemporary font for corporate communications. This will allow the Children's Hospital to present a uniform image across all areas in the future and thus also strengthen its public image.

The changeover of the means will take place gradually. The new appearance should be complete by the middle of next year.

Responsible at the Children's Hospital Zurich: Urs Rüegg. Responsible at Facing: Lucius Leonhardt (Management, Consulting), Roger Sandmeier (Creative Director), Martina Baer Simonett (Consulting), Isabel Aeschbach, Anna Fürer, Claudia Keller (Design).

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