Maxomedia: New mobile website for teletext

Sports results, news, information on air traffic, weather and finances can now also be accessed on the move on the mobile website in the classic teletext design. Maxomedia is responsible for the website.

Maxomedia has developed the mobile website of Teletext underwent a complete redesign. According to the announcement, the aim was to offer users the Teletext experience in the familiar and popular Black Teletext design not only in front of the TV or on the computer, but also free of charge on the mobile phone. What was previously only possible with the help of the iOS app is now possible through the mobile website for all operating systems.

The mobile website displays the teletext of the channels SRF 1, SRF zwei, SRF info, RTS Un, RTS Deux, RSI LA 1 and RSI LA 2. In addition, it is now possible to swipe quickly through the teletext pages. Maxomedia was responsible for the design and the complete front-end implementation of the new mobile website.

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