Vizner Borel: Campaign for Holzbau Schweiz

On behalf of Holzbau Schweiz, Vizner Borel wants to use a social media campaign to give young people an understanding of the carpentry profession.

In 2011, the Vizner Borel agency was entrusted with the image and career marketing campaign of Holzbau Schweiz, the association of timber construction companies - with the task of communicating the advantages of building with wood on the one hand, and making the attractiveness as well as the opportunities of the timber construction professions known to a broad population on the other.

In addition to the basic campaign "Holz macht stolz" (Wood makes you proud), which has been on display for almost two years, the Zurich agency Holzbau Schweiz is now supporting a comprehensive social media campaign. With "Zimmermann On Tour", the industry association has been looking for a young carpenter to tour Switzerland for six months as an ambassador for timber construction. During this time, the young professional works in various timber construction companies and learns about other specialties and challenges in timber construction.

After the tendering process, carpenter Fabian Dubach from the canton of Lucerne was selected for the "tour of his life". The young professional shares the many impressions during his tour in words and pictures and film on Facebook and the website The ambassador for wood construction can also be found at career choice fairs or in schools, where he provides insight into this traditional, highly modern profession, according to a statement. But not only with young people in the choice of profession, but also with a broad population, the "Carpenter On Tour" should put the image of the carpentry trade in a modern, adequate light.

Vizner Borel developed the concept for the "Carpenter On Tour" and, in addition to the visual, also created the advertising materials for the "Wood Makes You Proud" campaign. The communication runs mainly through the Facebook fan page. In addition, the entire tour will be accompanied by media relations.

Responsible at Holzbau Schweiz: Martha Walker (Central Management), Astrid Marquardt (Division Manager Marketing & Communications). Responsible at ViznerBorel: Lajos Vizner, Guillaume Borel (overall responsibility), Jürg Waeber (concept/text), Florian Steiner (concept/AD), Martina Glaser, Markus Binggeli (consulting). Responsible at Open Up (PR): Melanie Schneider, Patrick Preuss, Sara Osmani.


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