Serviceplan: Launch campaign for BMW

With the launch campaign for the new BMW Dreier Gran Turismo, Serviceplan Suisse creates an appearance that is intended to be as independent as the new vehicle concept itself.

In February, the young Zurich agency announced the budget win of BMW ( reported). For the completely new model, which combines generous space with maximum dynamism, the task was to develop an introductory campaign for the Swiss market, according to a statement. Independent and attention-grabbing - using the already existing, internationally deployed visuals.

A tight corset in which visual independence became a challenge and ultimately the model claim "space in a new form" became the key to an extraordinary campaign look. It invited to play with the spatial distribution in the existing campaign images.

The result: no two campaign subjects are alike, thanks to a seemingly randomly arranged and spatially appearing "diamond pattern"; the spatial design is thus intended to surprise again and again, not only in the BMW Three Series Gran Turismo, but also in terms of communication. Subject for subject - and beyond. Because the look characterizes all measures of the 360° campaign. From mailings to POS productions to the TVC.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a microsite optimized for touchscreens, which was already promoted via mysterious silhouette ads in the teaser phase of the campaign. All advertising media are in use immediately and throughout Switzerland.

Responsible at BMW (Switzerland): Mark Backé (Member of the Executive Board and Head of Marketing). Responsible at Serviceplan Suisse: Christian Baertschi, Sacha Moser, (overall responsibility) Christian Sommer, Ulrike Schumann, Julia Bochanneck, Alexandra Rapeaud (creation), Martin Zentner (DTP), Julia Tognini, Klara Zürcher (consulting), On Line Video (film), JingleJungle (sound), Pixelprinz/Linus Schneider (CGI).



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