Swissprinters: Image editing portal launched

With, Swissprinters Premedia is launching a service portal for highly highly automated image processing. Webguerillas accompanies the launch with the Pixel Zombies campaign.

With images can be cropped and masked within a very short time. With this new service, Swissprinters Premedia offers professional users from the media and advertising the possibility of having images in small to very large volumes processed quickly and in the best quality, according to a statement.

The new service is accompanied in advertising with surprising communication: The Webguerillas agency is launching the portal introduction with the specific campaign idea "Pixel Zombies". According to the press release, this is intended to highlight the fact that graphic designers, desktop operators and polygraphs often work overtime until late at night and thus mutate into pixel zombies. Since the new platform takes over time-consuming work such as cropping or masking and delivers the results within 24 hours, these areas of the agencies are to be relieved.

The campaign includes a landing page (, various banner formats and a special direct action: Those who work late at the agency again in the evening can register at order a free Dieci pizza to the agency.

Responsible at Swissprinters: André Reichenbach (Head of Premedia). Responsible at Webguerillas: Moritz Capelle (COO), Conrad Malcher (Creative Direction), Daniel Gremli (Text/Concept), Richard Wegele (Art Direction), Tatjana Meichtry (BGL), Mark Huber (Consulting).


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