"Nothing" won

The Swiss Media Association's generic marketing campaign for online branding "Nothing" continues. On Monday, the resolution will start with the competition winners. 

 for online branding enters the next round. The resolution campaign is online from Monday to Friday, with places allocated by lot. 

In addition to the internet brand Local.ch, the three classic brands Volvo Switzerland, Mobilezone and Migrosbank as well as a smaller provider of office furniture, Me-first.ch, have also won, as the Swiss Media Association and the agency responsible, Comqed Dialog, revealed on Sunday. The five brands will each receive banner space worth CHF 100,000 and their online advertising will be featured on news sites this week. The winners themselves provided the relevant subjects; Migrosbank even integrated the nothing subject into its landing page.


25,000 clicks, 400 participants in the competition

The aim of the campaign was to demonstrate the effectiveness of online branding. Advertising on the internet is still primarily judged by its performance and is therefore often limited to sales campaigns. With "Nothing", the Swiss Media Association wanted to prove that the online medium is just as suitable for branding purposes. The message was that online advertising is also not seen as action-oriented per se.

"And 'Nothing' was seen," say the campaign managers happily. Over 25,000 users clicked on the simple images, which were displayed as banners on the news sites of the major publishing houses for a week, to find out what "Nothing" was all about. 

. 16% of those contacted responded to the mailing and took part in the competition for the resolution campaign. The conclusion of the campaign managers: "Advertising on the Internet is seen. Even if it is not response-oriented."


Responsible at the Swiss Media Association, Zurich, Department of Electronic and New Media, specialist group "Profitability": Marc Walder (Ringier, Chairman of the Department), Martin Ettlinger (Swiss Media Association), Peter Hogenkamp (Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Head of the Profitability Group), Thomas Moll, Daniel Tschudi (Tamedia), Frank Eimer (Ringier), André Zeiger (AZ Medien). Responsible at Comqed Dialog, Erlenbach: Tomas Rozas (CD), Bettina Dührkoop (strategy), Roman Steinacher (consulting), Janine Aebischer (AD), Fabrizio Gianella (AD), Alexander Gyger (graphics), Ursula Trottmann and Pia Litschi (DTP), Bruno Breitenmoser (production).

Participating daily newspapers with online news portals:

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Northwestern Switzerland
Freiburg News
New Lucerne Newspaper
New Zurich Newspaper
NZZ on Sunday
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Switzerland on Sunday


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