"Nothing": effectiveness of online advertising shown

The Swiss Media Association and Comqed have demonstrated the effectiveness of online advertising in recent days - with the mysterious and broad-based "Nothing" campaign.

In Switzerland, the amount of advertising that is placed online is still disproportionate to the attention that online media has been receiving for some time. In addition, some advertisers still see online campaigns more as "click" advertising; branding, on the other hand, only takes place online to a limited extent. The Swiss Media Association, whose members operate the Swiss news sites with the widest reach, therefore decided to launch a generic marketing campaign for online branding.

As a classic mystery campaign, Comqed Dialog realized "Nothing" in advertisements and on online banners of the major media houses. The subject was so simple that, according to the press release, many advertising managers at the media companies asked whether it was a misunderstanding. On mouseover, the online banners changed from "Nothing" to "Nothing seen", "Nothing happened" or "Nothing learned". The banners linked to a landing page where you could leave your email address if you were interested in the resolution.

After a week of mystery phase, which raised many questions in the industry (over 5,000 subscribers on the landing page alone on the first day), the almost 2,500 most important marketing managers in Switzerland received a physical dissolution mailing. "Seen nothing? - If you can't even see anything, what can your advertising do?" was the central message of the mailing. The thousands of viewers on the online platforms were proof that online branding is seen well after all and that it's not just the click rate that counts.

This will be followed in the following week by an online solution campaign, which will also solve the puzzle for the previously puzzled "Everyman". Mailing recipients can become part of this campaign and receive banner free space worth 5 times CHF 100,000 as part of the competition.

Responsible at the Swiss Media Association, Zurich: Department of Electronic and New Media, "Profitability" specialist group: Marc Walder, Ringier, Chairman of the Department, Martin Ettlinger, Swiss Media Association, Peter Hogenkamp, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Head of the Profitability specialist group, Thomas Moll, Daniel Tschudi, Tamedia, Frank Eimer, Ringier, André Zeiger, AZ Medien. Responsible at Comqed Dialog, Erlenbach: Tomas Rozas (CD), Bettina Dührkoop (strategy), Roman Steinacher (consulting), Janine Aebischer (AD), Fabrizio Gianella (AD), Alexander Gyger (graphics), Ursula Trottmann and Pia Litschi (DTP), Bruno Breitenmoser (production).


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