Migros receipts have disappeared

The guerrilla action of JvM/Limmat caused a stir. The posters, which were pasted over as a "joke", were restored to their original state on Monday evening, according to Migros.

The retailer Migros has pasted over posters of other companies with its own advertisements (Werbewoche.ch reported). The guerrilla action was supposed to be a joke. By Monday evening, the stickers will be removed again, as Migros spokeswoman Martina Bosshard told the news agency SDA. "We deliberately did not cover the companies' posters completely, but wanted to continue the stories the companies were telling," Bosshard said. She added that the Migros receipts were also easily removable so that the posters would not be damaged.

The campaign not only met with great interest on Werbewoche.ch, but also polarized on Switzerland's largest news portal, 20min.ch. "The fact that Migros is acting as a wild poster is unsympathetic. After all, the other companies paid a lot of money for their advertising space," 20 Minuten Online quoted Werbewoche editor-in-chief Pierre C. Meier as saying on Monday. If smaller advertising operators resorted to guerrilla methods, that was something different than if the largest advertising operator in Switzerland did it. As the numerous reader comments on the news portal show, the action is particularly polarizing among the population. While some interpret the pasting over of posters as "stinginess" or even "imperialistic behavior" on the part of Migros and demand the resignation of the management, others celebrate the idea as "unconventional," "clever" and "great.

The affected companies seem to take it with humor or indifference: According to SDA, they have been informed by letter at the same time as the action - there have been no negative reactions so far. "We hope the companies understand that it is a wink," Bosshard said. The promotion was limited to seven cities and about 25 posters. (hae/SDA)

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