KSP and Coop with storytelling

KSP has realized a new TV spot for the Coop label Pro Montagna. This tells the commitment of the mountain farmers and the joy of the city people about it in a story.

The Coop label Pro Montagna stands for quality products from Swiss mountain regions, the agency said in a statement Wednesday. The genuine Pro Montagna mountain products directly support the Swiss mountain population with a contribution to the Coop sponsorship for mountain regions.

Responsible at Coop: Thomas Schwetje (Head of Marketing/Services), Sacha Zuberbühler (Head of Advertising), Maryline Hermann (Project Management), Karin Heliopoulos (Head of Media). Responsible at KSP: Flo Wacker (Creative Direction), Benny Goldstein (Art Direction), Stefan Ganz (Text), Dany Kielholz (Consulting Management), Flavia Salvisberg (Consulting), Michèle Seligmann (Agency Producing). Film production: Embassy of Dreams. Directed by: Sebastian Schipper. Producer: Andy Schneider. Music: Nova International. Responsible at TW Media: Stephan Küng (Media Relations).

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