JvM/Limmat launches "Mountain Village Hideaways

Jung von Matt/Limmat has designed a new online campaign for the small mountain villages of Graubünden. In an online hide-and-seek game in picturesque village centers, users are to get to know the mountain villages better.

At the "Mountain Village Hideaways" the user's Facebook friends - or optionally a few locals - hide behind windows, between door gaps and under roof gables. Meanwhile, birds chirp from the roofs, a fountain splashes in the background and the sun shines. During the search, Giachen the Capricorn is at the user's side as a motivating coach with pithy comments. If all the friends are found, the main prize is a week's vacation in a mountain village in Graubünden.

Responsible at GRF: Gaudenz Thoma (CEO), Gieri Spescha (Head of Corporate Communications), Mike Frei (Corporate Communications), Fabian Weidmann (Product Management). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Alexander Jaggy (Executive Creative Director), Samuel Christ, Livio Dainese (Creative Director), Alain Eicher (Text), Claude Eberhard, Maurus Zehnder (Art Direction), Melanie Sellmann, (Screen Design), Deborah Herzig (Art Buying), Nicolas Schobert, Roman Meister (Consulting), Notarmon Buchli (User Interface), Cubera Solutions (Programming).


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