Jung von Matt/Limmat: Images that leave you speechless

Jung von Matt/Limmat has created a new campaign for the parents' magazine Fritz+Fränzi. The magazine deals with topics such as exclusion, violence and sexuality and has answers for parents.

The new Fritz+Fränzi campaign shows frightening images of young people in real situations. The motifs are resolved with the phrase "We provide the text when you are at a loss for words". The result is three motifs that are used as ads and in animated versions as banners.

Responsible at Fritz+Fränzi: Thomas Schlickenrieder (Managing Director). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Livio Dainese, Fernando Perez, Samuel Christ (Creative Direction), Adrian Merz (Art Direction), Alain Eicher (Text), Simone Jehle, Laila Müller, Pascal Schwager (Consulting).


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