Metzgerlehner: Promotion for Freixenet launched

In Metzgerlehner's new campaign for Freixenet, friends win monthly, weekly and daily prizes together.

At the heart of the campaign are the "most unusual prizes of all time", according to the press release: experience prizes that are always aimed at several people. In the categories "Adventure", "Romance" and "Totally Crazy", individual prizes are raffled off - from a joint dive into the Mayan sea to a tailor-made fireworks display for the beloved and an online video for friends with star ambitions.

The linchpin here is the Promotional website. TV spots, ads and online lead to this site thanks to behavioral targeting, which has also been optimized for mobile devices. The promotion started on 18 March and will run until 9 June 2013, during which time three monthly prizes, twelve weekly prizes and 84 daily prizes will be given away.

Responsible at Freixenet Alpes: Ivo Gaube (Managing Director), Vanessa Wimpfheimer (Senior Brand Manager). Responsible at Metzgerlehner: Michael Rottmann (Creative Direction), Patrick Meyer (Text/Concept), Janine Aebischer (Art Direction), Annette Vetsch, Katja Kurzweck, Alexander Gyger (Graphics), Silvan Metzger, Mirjam Eberle, Karin Schweizer and Jacqueline Lima (Consulting), Mark Berger (Head Online & Social Media).

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