Leo Burnett: Vacuum cleaner even sucks snow

Samsung has been an official partner of Swissski since the 2012/13 ski season. To communicate this, Leo Burnett Switzerland created a viral film in the style of an amateur self-made clip in collaboration with the Swiss Ski Association and put it online anonymously.

It shows members of the Bernese freeskiing squad thundering a Samsung Navibot robot vacuum cleaner over a self-built jump, apparently in their youthful exuberance. The trick is that the vacuum cleaner's jump is less spectacular than its suction power.

The clip has already been viewed over 135,000 times on YouTube within a few days. In a later version, Samsung reveals itself as the sender. Even this spot already has over 50,000 clicks. In addition, the making-of of the viral can be seen online.

Responsible at Samsung: Alexander Tschobokdji (Head of Marketing), Anja Baumgartner (Head of Trade Marketing), Patrik Rosenberg (Brand Communication Specialist). Responsible at Leo Burnett Switzerland: Sebastian Krayer (AD), Christian Stüdi (text), Patrick Suter, Christian Bircher (CD), Annika Seidel, Fabian Schiltknecht, Fabienne Schoberth (consulting), Erasmo Palomba (art buying). Responsible at &Sons Film: Baptiste Planche (Executive Producer), Tobias Weber (Director), VFX/3D/Postproduction: Südlich-t Zürich.

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