KSP promotes economical VW models

The new Polo Blue GT has an engine that reduces fuel consumption. KSP therefore developed a sporty, economical motif for the launch of this vehicle: A Scotsman on the exercise bike.

When power requirements are low, the Polo Blue GT's engine automatically shuts down two cylinders, significantly reducing fuel consumption, according to a statement from the agency. KSP has developed a very simple and striking implementation for this fuel-saving technology. The motifs show athletic animals that have switched off their power and therefore walk only on their front legs. The new motifs "Horse" and "Leopard" of the technology carrier Golf 1.4 TSI ACT can be seen as ads and posters.

Responsible at Volkswagen Switzerland: Sandra Grau (Marketing Manager), Sina Neuhaus (Advertising Specialist). Responsible at KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner: Flo Wacker, Uwe Schlupp, Samuel Knaus, Charles Blunier (Creative Direction), Yves Kellenberger, Paco Alborghetti (Graphic Designer), Daniel Zehnder (Text), Rémy Müller, Franziska Saxer (Consulting), Sven Germann (Photo), Andy Fischli (Illustration).



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