TBS: Redesign of the ZGSZ core media

The Center for Hearing and Speech Zurich (ZGSZ) is the competence center for children and young people with a hearing or speech impairment. TBS has implemented a redesign of the core media.

The new brochure and the new website have been on display since the beginning of the year: In the middle of it are selected students of the ZGSZ, who were photographed in the Zurich area. In staging the portraits, the agency photographer from TBS & Partner focused on an authentic, approachable and lively visual language. The children and young people not only provide an emotional target group appeal; rather, they represent a specific offer of the center and thus take on an organizing function. Coupled with a streamlined structure and supported by a tidy design, interested parties can find relevant information quickly and unerringly. In this way, the new web and print presence should contribute to anchoring the perception of the ZGSZ among the target groups as a highly specialized and professional competence center.

Responsible at ZGSZ: Jan Keller (Director). Responsible at TBS & Partner: Beat Aeschlimann (overall responsibility), Olivier Mentha (concept and consulting), Gregor Herzig (text), Kathrin Treml (design), Nadia Ermert (polygraphy), Heini Fümm (photography), Katrin Zbinden (project management print), Matthias Schnüriger.

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