SFLB: The history of the Christmas card

SFLB has created a Christmas film for Goldbach Group. This is intended to show how convenient it is to send Christmas greetings electronically today compared to the past.

The animated film about the history of the Christmas card will be sent by e-mail and shown on Goldbachgroup.com.

Responsible at Goldbach Group: Paul Riesen, Karin Grimm, Franca Hoffmann, Alexandra Kellenberger. Responsible at Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett: Peter Brönnimann (ECD), Marco Donada, Oli Kreienbühl (AD), Patrick Suter, Reto Vogler (Text), Rebecca Krausse, Aline Litchenhaus, Patricia Kuster (Consulting), Erasmo Palomba (Art Buying). Responsible at Encore: Jürg Steudler. (Production). Responsible at Le Mob: Bart Wasem (Animation).

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