Yandex Marketing as a guest at Webrepublic

Webrepublic has further expanded its service offering for search engine marketing in Russia. The online marketing agency recently welcomed Bernard Lukey (General Director Yandex Europe) and his team to Zurich Seefeld for the first Yandex event in German-speaking Switzerland.

The cooperation between the search engine Yandex and the agency for search engine marketing SEM and digital strategy consulting offers Swiss advertisers an online marketing solution that is even closer to the Russian market, Webrepublic said in a statement. With a market share of around 63 percent of the Russian search engine market, Yandex allows potential customers in Russia and the whole of Eastern Europe to be addressed in a targeted manner.

Especially in the travel industry, but also in the real estate or luxury goods market, the Russian target audience can be advertised effectively and cost-efficiently from Switzerland.
The Russian search engine recorded more than 150 million search queries per day and revenue growth of more than 50 percent in 2011, according to the release. With the expansion of the service offering through Yandex.Direct Marketing, the agency is embarking on a new path, the release continues. In the future, Yandex campaigns for internationally oriented companies will be launched and managed from Zurich and brought directly to Russia's search engine. In addition to the existing Google AdWords campaigns, advertising on Yandex offers an additional opportunity to open up new markets.

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