Net advertising revenues of the last years corrected

In cooperation with the Stiftung Werbestatistik Schweiz (Swiss Advertising Statistics Foundation), the AWS Aussenwerbung Schweiz association has redefined the grouping of outdoor advertising and re-collected the data for the past three years according to updated definitions.

The data of the advertising statistics published in the last years were based on incomplete data deliveries and showed this year in the area of billboard advertising a sales development which does not correspond to the result of the entire industry, as the association AWS announced on Wednesday. The grouping of outdoor advertising was consequently redefined and the data of the past three years was collected again according to updated definitions. In case of missing data, the data was supplemented with estimates. Below you will find the new definitions as well as the corrected figures.

New definitions

The source is the survey conducted by the association AWS Aussenwerbung Schweiz among its members and other providers of outdoor advertising, as well as by the trade association Schweizer Neonfirmen.
Outdoor advertising is generally defined as anything that the public can see free of charge as an advertising message when it is on public or private property and which falls under the concept of changing third-party advertising. For the statistics, the advertising media were surveyed that are available to the advertising industry on a short-term basis for 7, 14 days, seasonally (posters) or even on a long-term basis for 4 to 10 years (neon signs). For the previously published categories of sports and stadium advertising, as well as "other outdoor advertising," there are no longer any figures available that represent clearly defined segments of the overall market. For this reason, data from these areas is not published. The following four subcategories are shown:

Poster advertising (analog)

All types of posters in F4, F12, F200, and F24 formats on private and public property. In addition, megaposters and poster or special formats in tourist areas and at airports.

Poster advertising (digital)

All display forms of digital, bookable communication spaces (such as eBoards/ePanels and screens >55 inches) on private and public property (incl. tourism areas as well as airports).

Transport advertising

All advertising displayed in and on rolling stock of transport companies, SBB and private railroads, postbuses and private transport companies in analog and digital form (longitudinal, side and rear panels, full-panel advertising, hanging and sliding boxes, banners, info screens, etc.).

Neon advertising

The figures shown here for "Neonschriften" contain the information provided by the Association of Swiss Neon Companies.


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