Syndicom industry conference: CLA proposals from Viscom rejected

Like the extended Syna-Print industry commission on December 6, the Syndicom graphic industry conference on December 8, 2012 unanimously rejected Viscom's Gav redundancy proposals, which it said were unreasonable for employees.

Extending working hours and reducing nighttime bonuses are not solutions to the crisis in the graphic arts industry - not even if they are tied up in a pre-Christmas package by Viscom. Syndicom writes this in a press communiqué. The conference participants would fear that the possibility of introducing the 42-hour week in all graphic companies except newspaper printers would set in motion a downward spiral that would endanger hundreds of jobs. 3 weeks of free work for some and layoffs for others is not a prospect, the unions added.

Four years ago, he said, concessions had already been made on night surcharges. Now enough is enough. However, the Gav negotiations are on the right track, with no concessions on night bonuses and weekly working hours.
The industry conference renews the offer to Viscom to extend the current CLA and unanimously calls on the association to resume CLA negotiations.

In September, the employers' association had announced that it would push through longer working hours, reduced bonuses and the waiving of detailed minimum wages in the CLA negotiations ( reported). He cited the critical situation in the industry as the reason.

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