Ruf Lanz: Successful personnel campaign for VBZ

For some time now, the Zurich Transport Authority (VBZ) has been specifically recruiting women with a campaign designed by Ruf Lanz. With success, as the NZZ wrote on Monday.

In the wording: "Just six months after the advertising campaign, the success was clearly evident in the applications. Out of a thousand applicants, one third were women - their share had doubled." However, as soon as less advertising is done, there is a decline in applications, says Heinz Vögeli, Head of Human Resources and Corporate Communications at VBZ. The progress is particularly evident among streetcar drivers, since they make up the largest share of VBZ employees, says Heinz Vögeli. Today, every third streetcar in Zurich has a woman in the driver's cab; two years ago, only every fourth streetcar had a female driver.

One of several parts of the VBZ personnel campaign: large posters for women, much smaller ones for men.


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