Notch Interactive: Denner online promotion

For the new customer Denner, Notch Interactive designed an online promotion based on the poster idea by Vizner Borel. With "Potzblitz", users have the opportunity to make big eyes and win prizes.

Denner's price-performance ratio is dramatized in the new advertising campaign by means of the astonished, wide-eyed ( reported). Notch Interactive takes this aspect for the Online promotion again. For example, Denner customers can take self-portraits via webcam, enlarge their eyes, write their own texts and thus create personal posters. The posters can be rated in a gallery by all users. Among the submissions with the most votes from the public voting, the main prize will be drawn. The online promotion will be teased on the current poster campaign. It will also be advertised and publicized with Facebook ads, web banners and in the Denner Week.

Responsible at Denner: Petra Gayko (Head of Marketing Communications, overall responsibility), Sabine Gassmann, (Project Manager Marketing Communications). Responsible at Notch Interactive: Peter van der Touw (overall responsibility), Martin Pfeiffer (conception, producing), Jeff Gerber (creative direction), Marco Klein (art direction), David Elmiger (conception,text), Angela Erni (design), Vera Weber (consulting), Tobias Fuhlroth (technical direction), Lukas Bünger (application programming), Matthias Meier (frontend programming).



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