Spina's Civil Voices: Forever and Ever

Spina's Civil Voices has created a campaign for the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation that shows that paraplegics are paralyzed forever - but they can count on the support of the SPS for just as long. Now the agency is presenting new subjects.

A minor inattention and it happens: paraplegic for life. The injury will accompany those affected for the rest of their lives. The Swiss Paraplegic Foundation (SPF) does the same: it offers a network of services that is available to anyone affected until old age, according to a statement. The image campaign is intended to use the symbolic tattoos to anchor the "lifelong" nature of both the injury and the care provided by the SPS.

The tattoos stand for the formative accident itself. And they usually occur where the accident has also left its permanent mark - on the back. To ensure that severe back injuries are treated optimally, SPS provides seamless, lifelong care for paraplegics, from initial care to outstanding medical treatment and reintegration into the world of work.

The poster campaign, which already got off to a successful start last year, has now been supplemented with further subjects. It is now being used throughout Switzerland in October.

Responsible at SPS: Christian Hamböck (Head of Marketing and Fundraising).Responsible at Spina's Civil Voices: Andrea Reinhart (AD) Matthias Freuler, Susi Kammergruber (text) Lorenz Spinas (overall responsibility), Corinne Bucher (consulting), Oliver Nanzig (photographer).


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