Newsjacking: Teletext creates the perfect news environment

It's like the fire brigade: never before has news spread so quickly as it does today. Media alerts, Twitter, Facebook - within minutes, headlines (and rumours) go around the world. Since it was founded in the 1980s, Swiss Teletext has always been on the spot. And picks up on hot topics every minute.

Records - thanks to real-time information

Big events make big waves and attract masses of visitors. This year, for example, on 10 June, when the European Championship, the election for the French National Assembly, the French Open and Formula 1 were taking place at the same time, 1.4 million users looked up information on Teletext. Or on 11 March this year, when as many as 1.5 million people looked up on Teletext the outcome of the votes on 6-week holidays, book price fixing and the construction of second homes. Impressive figures, an impressive pool of new customers too - for advertisers who want to produce cutting-edge content and seize the opportunity.

On the pulse of events

And the best way is to grab them by the topic itself. What PR strategists today call "newsjacking" - the split-second reaction of companies or personalities to current events with in-depth facts via blog, tweet or media alert - is something Teletext has known for a long time. If something big, exciting or extraordinary happens in the world, contextual information about it can be found on Teletext, in real time of course. And Teletext has long since jumped on the mobile express train: Information is also available on the Internet and for smartphones via the mobile platform or the Teletext app. In total, Teletext generates over 55 million contacts per month. And that means: advertising and information space par excellence.

Perfect timing - great echo

If you are present with content on teletext for hot topics, you reach an enormous frequency. Let's think about the price of oil: Is it rising, is it falling? How is the volatile political situation in the Middle East developing? Teletext provides impulses - and the appropriate trend reports and purchase recommendations from resourceful energy suppliers, for example in an information column. Or let's take the heat wave of the last few weeks, where the summer really heated us up again. Experts urge us to protect ourselves from the sun, recommend cooling drinks and preventive measures against high ozone levels. Teletext creates the ideal environment for preventive information and tips, for example on buying sun cream. The association is perfect. Not to mention London 2012: 1.1 to 1.2 million people constantly tuned in to Teletext - not least during Nicola Spirig's dream performance. Strong values from Biel around a sack-strong performance of the triathlete from Winkel ZH. What the Olympic experience especially shows: Better and faster you can not bring his health tips, heart rate monitor or jogging shoes to the man and woman. It's all a question of timing, the right message and the credible, thematic added value you have to offer. With little effort, newsjacking generates such great response. "The Schnäller isch der Gschwinder": The competition for the most cleverly filled containers on Teletext is on.

Around the world like wildfire

Speaking of which, London firefighters, who are sort of considered the inventors of newsjacking 2.0, already knew this. On the story behind the story: Last summer, Kate Winslet was staying with Sir Richard Branson on his British Virgin Island. During the festivities, a fire broke out. Kate Winslet rescued Richard Branson's elderly mother, leading to worldwide stories. Only there wasn't a single correspondent on the scene to provide pictures. That's when the London Fire Brigade (LFB) stepped in by inviting the actress to a training program for firefighters. The short story on the LFB website - cheap and quick - spread like wildfire. Worldwide.

Beat U. Schneider
Head of Marketing and Sales
SWISS TXT Swiss Teletext AG


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