"M-Budget-WG" enters second season

The cross-media reality show "M-Budget-WG" is entering its second season. This year, ten flat-sharers from all over Switzerland are competing to live for free for a year.

On August 23, 2012 at 6:30 p.m., "M-Budget-WG" will launch the docu-soap series "M-Budget-WG - die Open-Air-Challenge". This year, the WGs must first hold their own at five major open airs before competing in the finale for the main prize worth 45,000 Swiss francs. In each of the five episodes, viewers will get to know two of the ten WGs know better.

In the first episode, the Zurich multi-culti community "Pandas" competes against the meticulously planned marketing machinery of "Comuna 7012" from Felsberg (GR) at the Open-Air St. Gallen. Both WGs try with all means to win the favor of the festival visitors for themselves to collect as many votes as possible. While the two lovers of the "Pandas" arrive with a rolling suitcase, the residents of the competing commune "Comuna 7012" are already busy mobilizing the masses for themselves. This is a tough challenge for the less organized pandas, who are already reaching their limits when it comes to finding a place to camp.

The voting results of the "M-Budget-WG - die Open-Air-Challenge" have a direct influence on the outcome of the qualifying shows on September 27 and October 4, 2012, when host Stefan Büsser will have to say goodbye to four of the ten WGs. Only six WGs will make it into the final shows, which will be broadcast live every Thursday on Joiz from October 11, 2012. This year, too, the online community will play a key role. For each qualifying show, the community will vote one host directly into the final.

"M-Budget-WG" is a production of the communication agency Jung von Matt/Limmat and the interactive HD television channel Joiz on behalf of Migros.



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