Katrin Schmid becomes Senior Consultant at Heads

Brand consultant Katrin Schmid is joining Heads Corporate Communication as of August 2012.

Katrin Schmid is a federally certified advertising manager with a degree from the University of Basel. In 2011, she completed additional studies in social and business psychology, journalism and psychopathology at the University of Zurich.

She gained agency experience during 17 years at the communications and brand consulting agencies McCann-Erickson, Wirz Werbung, Jung von Matt, Wirz Corporate and Brandpulse, where she was responsible as Senior Brand Consultant for the overall strategic and operational responsibility of brand development and brand vitalization projects for international and national clients. Ralph Hermann from Heads: "Our clients will get to know and appreciate Katrin Schmid as an extremely competent and goal-oriented consulting personality. And we look forward to working with a colleague who fits very well into the Heads team."

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