Advertising like in the Wild West, but used in a more targeted way

With SFLB, a "classic" agency was the winner of the Swiss Dialogue Marketing Award. Awards were given for 29 works in 12 categories.

Spillman Felser Leo Burnett were able to leave the festive saloon with the most awards in their pockets without pulling out their revolvers: three gold awards, two silver and one platinum. With a total score of 24, SFLB left the other agencies far behind. Platinum winner and thus the best work of this year "WOZ - Werbung stört!" convinced with its unique idea. As a newspaper that does not advertise, WOZ is dependent on other sources of income. Spillmann Felser Leo Burnett came up with the surprising solution of using advertising to avoid advertising by learning between the lines of the advertising messages how disturbing they can be. Avoiding advertising with advertising sounds like Highnoon, but in addition to the platinum prize, it was also worth gold to the jury in the category "Addressed Mailings ". In the agency rankings, the Jung von Matt/Limmat agency follows eleven points behind the first-place winners. Three of their works were awarded silver in the categories "Integrated Dialogue Campaigns" and "Digital Dialogue Measures". The "Graubünden Obermutten " campaign was worth a gold award to the jury. Third place in the agency rankings went to the Agentur am Flughafen with a total score of 11. In addition to the audience award, it won bronze in the categories "Addressed mailings up to 250 copies" and "Production" and silver in the "Ambient" category.

In the categories "Art Direction" and "Dialogue Strategies", the jury searched in vain for winners of one of the three precious metals and awarded no prizes. Instead, there were special awards. In keeping with the rough and tumble of the Wild West, the agency at the airport won the AZ Direct audience award with its "Pigskin Tattoo Poster" for the tattoo convention. Luca Schneider and Sebastian Eppler deservedly received the SDV Junior Award and set the theme for the upcoming SDV Award with their work "The DM Games are open". pan

Highnoon On 22 June 2012, the Kongresshaus Zurich was transformed into a Western landscape for the presentation of the SDV Awards under the motto "Play me the song of victory". A total of 29 works in 12 categories were awarded. With the award-winning works, the Swiss Dialogue Marketing Association was able to convincingly demonstrate that the divide between classic advertising and dialogue marketing, which has been "cultivated" over the years, is actually not that deep. The winners in the agency rankings were definitely the classic agencies. The impression pictures show the winners, the show acts Zurich Youth Orchestra and Tinka Belle, the presenter Melanie Winiger with jury president Christian Huldi. The main sponsor of the event was Post Mail, represented by Jan Remmert.


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