Statement: Guerilla action for Two Spice realized

As part of the current campaign "I am yootea, are you?" with Marc Sway as brand ambassador, Statement launched a guerrilla action at Zurich's Bellevue together with its client Two Spice.

In the morning rush hour at Zurich's Bellevue, passers-by were amazed last Friday morning when the Yootea Guerilla Crew turned the fountain at Bellevue into a Yootea refreshment fountain. The nearly 400 Yootea bottles withstood the onslaught for just 30 minutes.

Responsible at Two Spice: Dani Kehl (Member of the Executive Board), Sarah Strub (Head of Communications & Graphics), Veronika Bürgi (Brand Manager). Responsible at Statement: Philipp Brunner (overall responsibility). Production: Corpmedia, Timo Wäschle and Michi Fink.

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