Wirz Corporate for Toyota: "Waku Doki"

Wirz Corporate has realized a campaign for Toyota. It started on 21 May with the simple question "Are you Waku Doki?

This year, Toyota is not only waiting with the expansion of the hybrid range in the small and family car segment, but also with the launch of the GT86 sports car, the agency said in a statement. Therefore, the Japanese expression for anticipation, enthusiasm and passion "Waku Waku Doki Doki", which is still largely unknown in this country, was shortened to "Waku Doki" as a strategic communication bracket. Waku Doki is intended to emotionalise the Japanese Toyota brand, to differentiate it in communication and as a theme for implementation at the point of sale.

The campaign, developed by Wirz Corporate, started on 21 May with a large-scale poster and banner campaign with the simple question "Are you Waku Doki? 7 days later, the poster was covered with a disruptor and the readership was directed to a mircosite. Wakudoki.ch where you could determine your own Waku Doki value in addition to the explanation of the terms.

On 1 June, Toyota revealed itself as the sender in a first two-minute TV spot. This was followed by an expansion of the microsite, newspaper inserts in the Sunday press, advertisements and newsletters. Toyota is Waku Doki. The invitation to experience Waku Doki on special Waku Doki Days at Toyota partners at the end of June 2012 is made via radio spots, banners, another microsite, advertisements, newsletters, dealer invitations and promotions.

Responsible at Toyota: Philipp Rhomberg, Christian Wellauer, Ralf Kugler, Anita Gerber. Responsible at Wirz Corporate: Marcel Morach, Stefan Zahler (concept/creation) Beni Krieger (text), Urs Binggeli, Katrin Schmid, Sylvia Wicki, Ursina Grimm (consulting), Andreas Bosshart (consulting digital), Ralf Brändli, Ruben Frank (production digital)
Responsible at WirzFraefel Paal Productions: Rolf Hellat, Jan Mettler (director), Jan Mettler (camera), Stefan Fraefel, Gabi Benz (production), Michelle von Buol, Christine Rüfenacht (editing), Jingle Jungle (soundtrack).


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