Jung von Matt/Limmat: Small personalities at Pro Juventute

Pro Juventute has launched the Parents Club Switzerland to support parents and grandparents in various areas of life. For the launch, Jung von Matt/Limmat presents toddlers like personalities.

We get to know the Nuggi-Napoleon, the milk tooth diva, the bib pope and the iron sandbox lady. The integrated campaign was conceived and executed by Jung von Matt/Limmat. It can be seen on posters, ads, adscreens, at the POS of Amavita pharmacies, at the POS of all Stöckli branches, at the POS of VW specialist dealers as well as in dialogue and digital measures.

The Parents Club Switzerland offers a national range of advice and services. Included in a membership is a 24-hour advice centre, an emergency nanny agency, a Family Check with strategies for conflict avoidance in families, an apprenticeship finder, emergency courses tailored to age and various financial benefits from partners.

Responsible at Eltern Club Schweiz by Pro Juventute: Peter Burri Follath (Head of Marketing Parents Club Switzerland), Christiane Büring (Project Management Parents Club Switzerland), Anina Grütter (Coordinator Marketing Parents Club Switzerland). Responsible at Pro Juventute: Stephan Oetiker (Director Pro Juventute), Ursi Zweifel (Head of Marketing Pro Juventute), Marianne Affolter (Head of Communication Pro Juventute). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Alexander Jaggy (Creative Direction), Samuel Christ (Text), Maurus Zehnder (Art Direction), Aude Kohler (Graphics), Ilonka Galliard (Art Buying), Michèle Gutmann, Christian Brütsch (Consulting), Carioca (Photography).

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