Crafft: TV commercial for Erdgas Zürich

The Zurich agency Crafft has co-produced a TV commercial for Erdgas Zürich with the film production company Zweihund. It promotes wood pellets - the renewable energy source from local forests.

As a provider of ecologically sound energy solutions, Erdgas Zürich has always been committed to the environment and is increasingly investing in renewable energies, the agency said in a statement. Erdgas Zürich has been offering wood pellets in the Swiss heating market since 2009. Wood is a renewable energy and is available in sufficient quantities in Switzerland. Wood is used for environmentally friendly heating, which is what the new TV commercial by Crafft and Zweihund is all about. It underlines the aspects of sustainability and regionality. In 2011, Crafft and Zweihund already produced a TV commercial for Erdgas Zürich on the subject of biogas. The spot is currently being broadcast on Swiss television.

Responsible at Erdgas Zürich: Sabina Cadalbert (Head of Marketing Communications). Responsible at Crafft: Patricia Pazin (Art Director), Cédric Tribolet (Consultant). Responsible at Zweihund: Jonas Meier (Film Director), Mike Raths (Film & Post Production), Niels Vije (Executive Producer), Alex Schweizer (Production Manager), Ralph
Bätschmann (camera), Jingle Jungle (sound).


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