Spina's Civil Voices: Fifa boss Sepp Blatter flips out

Following the Nespresso parody, Solidar Suisse is once again relying on a viral campaign to put pressure on football's world governing body, FIFA, and its president Sepp Blatter. The viral campaign was developed by Spina's Civil Voices.

As funny as the film is, the background to the campaign is serious: Solidar and its partner organizations in Brazil are drawing attention to the fact that although FIFA will once again make billions in profits from the 2014 World Cup, there is little reason for the people of Brazil to be happy. On the contrary: 150,000 people will be evicted from their homes in the run-up to the World Cup, tens of thousands of street vendors will lose their livelihoods due to Fifa's licensing policy and Brazil will be left with a mountain of debt that will inevitably lead to cuts in social benefits, the agency said in a statement on Monday. This is not least because Fifa is using special laws to ensure that it does not have to pay real taxes on its profits.

Solidar Suisse is calling on Sepp Blatter to stand up for fair play towards the host country Brazil. On Solidar.ch you can support this demand and whistle Blatter's opinion.

Responsible at Solidar Suisse: Christian Engeli (Campaign Manager), Andrea Arezina (Campaigner) Ruth Dällenbach (Managing Director). Responsible at Spina's Civil Voices: Matthias Freuler, Stephan Huwiler (creation), Lorenz Spinas (overall responsibility), Christoph Schott (consultant & social media manager), Alexander Meier (director).

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