Wunderman visualizes the New World of Work for Microsoft

Working where, when and how it suits you best. A utopia a few years ago, this style of working - called New World Of Work - is now a matter of course at Microsoft.

In order to bring the advantages of the New World Of Work closer to the employees as well as the many visitors, Wunderman Zurich came up with something special for the video screen in the newly remodeled headquarters of Microsoft Switzerland, the agency said in a statement. Using software written especially for this project, the mouse movements of various Microsoft employees were recorded and then edited into a film. In this way, it is shown in a visually impressive way that with the latest Microsoft solutions, one is no longer bound to fixed work locations and office hours.

Responsible at Microsoft: Christof Zogg (Director Developer & Platform Group). Responsible at Y&R Group: Thomas Engeli, (CD), Daniel Schranz (AD), Sebastian Eppler (graphics), Florian Tillmann and Kevin Bloch (text), Roberto Eichin (programming), Michael Höhn and Lukas Zgraggen (multimedia), Nicole Platel (consulting).


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