Advertiser of the year - the last hours

On February 2, it's that time again: The 2012 Advertiser of the Year will be crowned. Of the nominated "crazy men," only one can take home the Egon. To get in the mood, here's the "Mad Men" parody filmed by Werbewoche and Star TV.

Six nominees are eagerly awaiting the award, which they will receive at Lake Side in Zurich. Who the lucky winner is, you can read first on Thursday evening at But one thing is already clear: After two women, it will be a man again this year. This circumstance has prompted us to present the nominees in more detail in a tongue-in-cheek sexist parody of the US TV series "Mad Man". You can already watch the film by Andreas Panzeri and the music by T&Tea (see "Heads of the Week" in the upcoming print issue):

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