Serranetga implements Facebook campaign for TCS

To avoid any unpleasant surprises after buying a used car, there is the TCS Occasion Test - including the tyre tread test. To publicise the test, Serranetga launched a social media campaign: The Tread Change.

The tread change here is literal: A Facebook app is used to prompt people to replace their profile picture with a picture of their tire profile. The second-hand tyre test is thus publicised in a simple and concise way. Users are automatically entered into a prize draw with 10 years of free car tyres as the top prize. The Facebook app was flanked by contextual banners, targeted Facebook ads and viral films. During the one-month campaign, over 10,000 active users were generated and a five-fold increase in TCS Facebook page likes was achieved.

You can find another film here.

Responsible at Serranetga: Remo Prinz, Maurizio Rugghia (overall responsibility), Nadine Rapp (project management), Samuel Textor (text/concept), Pascal Deville (art direction), Erwan Eydt (frontend), Stephan Meier (Facebook application), Gabriel Tenger (screen design), Tobias Bühler, Dominic Deville (film production).


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