&Söhne: Campaign for Friday realized

The Zurich bag manufacturer Freitag has collaborated with the agency &Söhne from Winterthur for the conception, creation and realisation of this year's "F-mas Initiative".

The initiative includes newsletters, social media, window and shop decorations as well as gift bags and cards, the agency writes in a statement. At its heart is the Christmas story of Albert the Goose: a word gift from Freitag to customers, loyal fans - and himself - that develops over five newsletter episodes. The author is Jürg Halter aka Kutti MC.

One of Freitag's specifications was to create an environmentally friendly, recyclable gift packaging for purchases during the Christmas season, taking into account the brand values. &Söhne solved this task with an idea borrowed from the production process of Freitag bags: the key visual with Albert the goose was "broken down" into nine parts as the star cut and printed as individual subjects on classic Migros paper bags. Using a sophisticated folding technique, the bags can be folded by store staff to the size required for the respective product. The opening sentence of the Christmas story can be read on the back of the bag - as a teaser for the whole story. Golden goose stickers serve as a bag closure and are intended to provide Christmas warmth.

Photos of the shooting with the goose are on Friday.ch to see.

Responsible at Friday: Pascal Dulex (Manager Marcom) and Olivia Jäggi (Specialist Marcom). Responsible at &Sons: Tobias Weber (CD), Baptiste Planche (consulting), Heike Gross (text/consulting), Véronique Cuennet (AD), Vasco Bickel (AD); Peter Hauser (Fotografie).



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