Advico Y&R: New subjects created for ÖKK

Advico Young & Rubicam has realized new sujets for the health insurance company ÖKK. This time it shows how to prevent diseases such as "dependencyitis" or "oxygen deficiencyitis".

In the quarterly ÖKK Club, families can find discounts for various seasonal activities such as visits to the zoo and mountain and ski trips. The offers are not only intended to make everyday life more interesting, but also to prevent widespread diseases such as "dependencyitis" or "oxygen deprivation". The cover pictures of the customer magazine were again designed in the campaign style that has been successful for years.

Responsible at ÖKK: Mario Theus (Marketing and Vice Chairman of the Executive Board), Venanzi Vincenz (Head of Marketing Communications), Bea Kutter (Head of Merchandising). Responsible at Advico Y&R: Markus Gut (CCO) Dominik Oberwiler, Martin Stulz (CD), Daniel Ganahl (illustration), Julia Kull (consulting).


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