Hesskisssulzersutter: New subjects for the FCZ

The agency Hesskisssulzersutter has realized a new campaign for FCZ. The focus is on another Urban Collection line.

The four FCZ kickers, the Shelby GT350 or even the brand new Urban Collection? Well, because in these November days the FC Zurich launches another Urban Collection lines, the question is answered so: For once, the clothes - this fall 2011 in the trendy US college style - are a bit cooler than the blonde of the FCZ ladies, the "tough guys" Beda, Buff and Koch, and even the tuned cult car from the sixties. Mirjam Kluka is responsible for the photos - they were taken somewhere in the catacombs of the Letzigrund.

Responsible at Hesskisssulzersutter: Florian Bachofen (CD), Michèle Bianchi (lyricist), Manuel Bächler (AD) and Denise Paluselli (consultant). Photos: Kluka with team. Responsible at FC Zurich: Christian Müller (Head of Marketing), Lorena Oliveri (Marketing) and Andrea Paur (Head of Merchandising).

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