Freicom for Plaston: "At best an isolated case".

Freicom created a campaign for Plaston Industrial Plastic Systems (IPS) based on the basic idea of "crime scene" or "something happened here that could actually be avoided".

The crime scene is intended to draw attention to the outstanding product features of strength, protection and quality and to dramatise the benefits in a way that is easy to understand but unusual for the industry, the agency said in a statement.

Responsible at Plaston:Egon Hämmerle (Managing Director Business Unit IPS), Frank Ulsamer (Manager Business Development), Vera Treichl (Customer Service).Responsible at Freicom:Christian Ruppanner (overall responsibility), Cornel Speich (consulting), Mark Herrera (art director), Stefan Rechsteiner (graphics), Christian Jauslin (text), Klaus Andorfer (photography).

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