Jung von Matt/Limmat and Joiz: Hotel Atlantis is "M-Budget WG

With a one percent lead over "Chaos Design", "Hotel Atlantis" secured the title of "M-Budget WG". "M-Budget WG - Ferngesteuert" is a cross-media and interactive reality format in Switzerland.

From the beginning of October to mid-November, five finalist flat-shares competed for six weeks for the main prize worth a total of CHF 45'000. For one year, the nine residents of the former five-star hotel in Zurich now live and shop at the expense of Migros.The focus was on the website Migros.ch/m-budget-wg. On this promotion platform, Joiz regularly published videos from the shared flats. In addition, the community was able to "remote control" the flatmates via the website. The users partly took over control, helped determine which tasks had to be solved and voted out a flatmate every week. The performances of the WGs were summarized every week in a one-hour live TV show on joiz.

Jung von Matt/Limmat: M-Budget WG - Remote controlled

Online, social media and TV were thus successfully combined into an interactive reality format. Joiz produced over 100 video clips during the competition phase. In total, users consumed video material with a total length of over 200'000 minutes.

"M-Budget WG - Ferngesteuert" was hosted by comedian Stefan Büsser. In addition to the WG representatives, celebrities such as Eva Nidecker, Nadine Vinzenz, Claudio Zuccolini and Marco Fritsche regularly took a seat on the studio sofa in the live broadcasts to talk about their WG experiences. The best scenes from "M-Budget WG - Ferngesteuert" will be broadcast again on Thursday, 17 November 2011, at 5.30 p.m. as part of a best-of programme on Joiz.

M-Budget WG - Ferngesteuert" is a production of the Zurich communication agency Jung von Matt/Limmat and the interactive HD television channel Joiz on behalf of the Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund.

Best of Video Hotel Atlantis

Responsible at Migros: Martin Haslinger (Brand Manager M-Budget), Dirk Worring (Head of Digital Marketing a.I.). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Alexander Jaggy, Michael Rottmann (Creative Direction), Samuel Christ (Text), Wim Roelfs, Patrick Beeli (Art Direction) , Alexander Schradt (Screendesign), Ilonka Galliard (FFF), Erasmo Palomba (Art Buying), Fabian Röthlisberger, Michèle Gutmann, Daniel Nessler, Christian Brütsch (Consulting), Melanie Schneider, Philipp Bühler (Public Relations & Community Management), Karim Patwa (Direction & Production Teaser Spots), Edge5 (Web Development). Responsible at Joiz: Alexander Mazzara (CEO & Co-Founder), Yves Schifferle (Project Management), Martina Strul (Editorial Management).

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