Erdmannpeisker: Knackeboul raps against oblivion

Swiss TXT and Erdmannpeisker launch the new teletext B2B campaign just six weeks after the pitch decision. This is aimed at advertising agencies, media decision-makers and the marketing departments of companies.

The star of the new advertising offensive is the rapper Knackeboul, who raps against oblivion in the specially composed song "Pixelparty". Against the forgetting of the 1.1 million Swiss who visit Teletext every day and are still missed in many media plans. With the song and his two dancers, the Sexpixels, Knackeboul toured the Swiss media landscape and visited agencies and clients, where he let the Pixelparty rise.

In parallel to the video, the Biel agency created ads featuring the Forgotten as well as banners, mailings and a dedicated Microsite developed. The song is also available there.

Responsible at Swiss TXT: Michel Fink (Head of Communications), Anna Dupertuis (Marketing Communications Planner). Responsible at Ermannpeisker: Gabriel Peisker (CD), Patrick Fawer (AD), Rainer Neusius (consulting), Severin Kipfer (direction), Stefan Dux (camera), Mirjam Bühlmann (costume design), Daniel Kunz (photographer), Felix Schregenberger (litho), Stefan Schurter, Deepdive Music (music promotion).

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