Wunderman: Giveaway created for Microsoft Switzerland

To make trade show visitors aware of the relaxing effect of Microsoft's cloud computing solution, Wunderman has come up with a giveaway that has a lasting effect.

Because unlike a flyer or brochure, the bubble bath that is handed out only really takes effect at home, away from the hustle and bustle of the trade fair. While taking a well-deserved relaxing bath, stressed IT professionals should then also find the leisure to study all the important information about Microsoft's cloud computing solutions that can be found on the tube and on the accompanying card.

Responsible at Microsoft Switzerland: Nicole Josi (Central Marketing Organization). Responsible at Wunderman: Thomas Engeli (CD) Daniel Schranz (AD) Florian Tillmann (text), Dave Schellenberg (graphics), Nicole Platel and Anna Kimla (consulting).


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