Mainland develops new brand identity for Carlo Janka

The agency Festland has realized a new brand identity for Carlo Janka, which is to underline his image "cool, but professional".

The new logo puts Janka's coolness into the picture with a combination of the initials "CJ," the agency writes in a statement. Whether as a small design element or as a large-scale implementation, the application possibilities are almost unlimited. Adapted to the product and target group, the logo can also be used in any color and any size.

The positioning of the brand identity and possible applications are documented in the "Carlo Janka Zeitung". The central interface in communication with the fan world is the new website. Festland revised both the design and navigation concept and technically implemented the website with the content management system Typo3. With the game "Janka or Neinka", fans can prove their "Jänks knowledge" on the website.


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