Goldbach Interactive rocks for Post Finance

Backstageradio is Post Finance's Internet radio station and plays music exclusively by up-and-coming Swiss artists. Goldbach Interactive is currently drawing attention to Backstageradio with a series of rich media expandable ads.

In an elaborate video production, Goldbach Interactive filmed the band Loco Slickers individually in front of a green screen and trimmed them to rich media formats in postproduction. The special feature: If the user clicks the Banner on, the singer of the Loco Slickers jumps out of the advertising material and continues performing on the website.

Goldbach Interactive was responsible for concept, design, text and programming, Goldbach Audience for media planning. The media planning focuses on websites that young people between 16 and 25 use frequently, such as, Ron Orp, Out Now, Partyguide,

Goldbach Interactive realized the videos with the production company Imaculix.


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