Hesskisssulzersutter: Advertised for FCZ with half-naked women

Hesskisssulzersutter has realized new sujets for the FCZ: The new team shirts are advertised.

When the Swiss Football Championship kicks off again next Saturday, last season's runners-up FC Zurich will be wearing a new home jersey, the agency writes in a statement. In order to promote this shirt, the agency relied on a bunch of half-naked FCZ fans who, shortly before the launch of the shirt, would rather pull nothing over their heads than a jersey from past seasons. All fans would have responded to a call and had no problem at all showing skin for their club. Nike's new FCZ jerseys meet "Considered Design" standards and are among the most environmentally friendly and sustainable outfits on the market, according to the statement.

Responsible at Hesskisssulzersutter: Oliver Schneider (CD), Dieter Boller and Michèle Bianchi (copywriters/conceptual designers), Manuel Bächler (AD), Marcel Huwyler (graphics) and Stephan Huber and Nathalie Zeller (consulting). Photos: Jonathan Heyer. Responsible at FCZ: Ancillo Canepa (President), Christian Müller (Head of Marketing).


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