Euro RSCG Zurich: New positioning of SBB Cargo launched

SBB Cargo is continuing its long-standing cooperation with Euro RSCG Zurich and intends to strengthen its presence in the market with a new image.

At the center of this appearance are four key visuals that dramatize SBB Cargo as a transport powerhouse operating in the background but driving the Swiss economy. Because wherever efficient, environmentally friendly, flexible and reliable logistics solutions are needed, the market leader in Swiss freight transport is close at hand, says the agency.

The new visuals for SBB Cargo were launched at the "Tranport Logistic" trade fair in Munich in 2011 and have since been used in Germany and abroad. Further trade fair activities and several mailings for key accounts extend the appearance into other media.

Responsible at SBB Cargo: Christoph Rytz (Head of Communications), Miriam Wassmer (Project Manager Communications), Matthias Widmer (Head of Marketing & Communications). Responsible at Euro RSCG Zurich: Frank Bodin (overall responsibility), Roman Emunds (strategy), Urs Schrepfer, Alexander Holtz (CD), Ivan Madeo (concept/text), Christina Wellnhofer, Sandro Nicotera (AD), Dominique Magnusson (graphics), Verena Rentsch (art buying), Walter Tagliaferri, Patrick Naef (consulting), Edi Burri (production). Stefan Minder (photography), Süsstrunk & Jericke (image editing).

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