Rod Kommunikation: Campaign realized for Sinalco

The agency Rod Kommunikation has created a campaign for Sinalco. The products Sinalco Original and Sinalco Cola are brought into focus.

The subjects, which appear on posters, print and online, are intended to bring the brand even closer to its young audience, Sinalco writes in a statement. The brand has proven that it is resistant to trends, which is why the new campaign takes its usual relaxed and witty approach to entertaining trends. Ramseier Suisse CEO Jann Gehri, whose company also owns the Sinalco brand, sees the campaign as an opportunity: "Sinalco is and always has been good. This constant gives the brand a carefree composure. With this composure, hyperactive trends in an accelerated world can be taken for a ride in a laconic way. Because Sinalco is still a piece of an ideal world."


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