Jung von Matt/Limmat: New Rivella spot with Michael Mittermeier

The Rivella campaign with Michael Mittermeier goes into the second round. This time, the comedian smells a Swiss conspiracy.

He not only discovers the Swiss in himself, but also shows how much Swissness has long been hidden in the German capital. If you leave out the typically Swiss diminutive "li," Berlin quickly becomes Bern.

Michael Mittermeier, who already knows the Swiss national drink from his skiing vacations, wants to bring a piece of Switzerland to Germany with his commitment to Rivella. "It's a great challenge for me to give a face to such a well-known Swiss original - and mine at that," smiles the native Bavarian.


Responsible at Rivella International: Axel Kuhn (Head of International Department), Guido Nydegger (Product Manager International). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Michael Rottmann, Alexander Jaggy (CD), Alexander Holtz (text), Inken Rohweder (AD), Adrian Merz (graphics), Fabian Röthlisberger, Michèle Gutmann, Christian Brütsch (consulting), Ilonka Galliard (agency production), Martin Haerlin (direction), Pumpkin (film production), Ralf Noack (camera), Jingle Jungle (sound).

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