Ruf Lanz: Don't learn English trough Rap Songs or Action Movies

The English language is ubiquitous today. Even those who have never taken a course can usually recite a few words picked up in the media. But that is no substitute for serious instruction, as Ruf Lanz shows in the campaign for certified English teacher David Holler.

In the campaign, which is aimed at people with basic knowledge, for example, a businessman unwittingly insults his Chinese business partners with slang he has picked up from rap songs. Or a wrongly parked tourist tries to talk his way out of the U.S. with dangerously crude action-movie English. The concept was implemented in advertisements and in radio spots running on Energy Zurich.

> To the radio spot (MP3)

Responsible at Certified English Teacher: David Holler (overall responsibility). Responsible at Ruf Lanz: Markus Ruf, Danielle Lanz (CD), Andreas Hornung, Markus Ruf (text), Marcel Schläfle (AD), Florian Fleischmann (illustrations), Kristina Burch (consulting). Production radio spots: Selmi Tonstudio, Zurich.


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